In Conversation with Local Color

“In Conversation” is a video interview series that Jessica Graham, Google’s Downtown West community engagement manager is hosting to highlight interesting ideas and thought-provoking discussions with our partners, stakeholders and community members.

video of full interview with Local Color's Erin Salazar and Google's Jessica Graham

Watch the full interview with Local Color's Erin Salazar and Google's Jessica Graham

In this episode of “In Conversation”, we met up (virtually) with Erin Salazar of Local Color to learn more about her background and what the local non-profit is focused on. As the executive director of Local Color, Erin leads a woman-powered arts nonprofit that builds multifaceted opportunities for emerging and experienced artists that keep them employed, engaged and active in the community. She herself is an artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San José State University.

Local Color started out with a focus on creating new murals and recognizing existing murals as public landmarks. With a passion for building and sustaining work for artists, they began writing grants to make sure artists were paid for their work. Over the years, they grew into finding space for artists and using buildings as interim studios and art installations. More recently, they’ve explored fiscal sponsorship as a third component to their offerings.

Watch the whole interview here to learn more about Local Color and how they’re connecting artists and community.

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