A look at Downtown West’s Social Infrastructure Plan

Over three years we’ve spoken to thousands of residents and stakeholders to collectively imagine how Downtown West can contribute to the future of the Diridon Station Area and the City of San José. We heard a consistent message and request: create a community that has housing alongside jobs, that is part of San José and not a corporate campus. We took that as a call to action and are excited to share the fruits of our collaboration with the release of  Downtown West’s Social Infrastructure Plan. The Plan outlines how Downtown West is fulfilling our shared goals, and breaking new ground with physical, ecological and social contributions to downtown. It also describes how we’re helping foster an inclusive, welcoming place that creates new opportunities for San José residents. We put together this social infrastructure plan to highlight how the public benefits are memorialized in the Development Agreement and how we’ve incorporated our work together so far. Highlights include:

  • Creating a first-of-its-kind $154 million Community Stabilization and Opportunity Pathways Fund that is 100% focused on social equity and involves community participation in the grantmaking process.

  • Supporting 25% affordable housing in the Diridon Station Area - a level not achieved before in a private project in San José - through a combination of on-site land dedication, inclusionary housing (distributed among market-rate buildings), and inclusionary housing in lieu fees.

  • Investing in new walking and bike paths, construction of 15 acres of parks, plazas, and green spaces, year-round free programming, preservation of historic resources, ecological restoration, infrastructure investments, innovative district systems, and more.

For us, this is just the beginning; we’re setting up an ecosystem that allows for continued participation and feedback.

Check out Downtown West's Social Infrastructure Plan to learn more about the project's public benefits.

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Find the Development Agreement and other Downtown West application materials on the City of San José’s project website: www.sanjoseca.gov/googleproject