In Conversation with Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

“In Conversation” is a new video interview series that Google’s Downtown West community engagement manager Jessica Graham is hosting to highlight interesting ideas and thought-provoking discussions with our partners, stakeholders and community members.

A video interview with three people talking about the public realm and why it's important

Watch the full interview with Guadalupe River Park Conservancy’s Jason Su and Google's Bethany Windle

In the first of our new conversation series, we meet up (virtually) with Bethany Windle and Jason Su to talk about all things public realm. Bethany is the project manager leading Google’s parks and open space efforts at the Downtown West project. Jason is executive director of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, a non-profit organization that provides community leadership on the active use and development of the Guadalupe River Park. He has a background in urban planning and prior to working at the Conservancy, he worked on construction and planning related to public art and streetscapes. At his core, Jason believes in the power of the public realm, and views it as an “invisible web that can uplift all the boats if we really invest in it.”

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Thanks for joining us and look out for the next conversation to be shared soon.