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After engaging with thousands of locals, we’ve heard many great questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequent ones we get. 

Your most common questions, answered

What is Downtown West?

Downtown West will be a new part of downtown San José — an expansion of its vibrancy, and a place for neighbors, for nature, and for learning. The project has been in the works since 2017, when Google announced its intention to develop in San José, at the doorstep to Diridon Station, planned to be the most significant public transportation hub on the west coast. In alignment with the City and community’s vision for the Diridon Station Area, Downtown West is a 80 acre mixed use district that includes 4,000 housing units, 7.3 million square feet of office space, 15 acres of parks, plazas and green space, and up to 500,000 square feet of retail, cultural, arts, education, and other active uses. The project’s program and design reflects a collaborative vision and ongoing conversations between the City, San José residents and Google. The Downtown West mixed-use plan received unanimous approval from the San José City Council on May 25, 2021.


When will Google start construction on Downtown West?

Following the initial design, planning approval, and receipt of permits, construction of buildings could commence as early as 2023. The project is expected to be built in several phases over 10+ years. For every phase of development, community members will be able to learn details of the design proposal through a public informational meeting. We invite you to sign up to our email list through this website to receive periodic updates.

What are some of the Downtown West public benefits?

Downtown West will:

  • Create a first-of-its-kind $155 million Community Stabilization and Opportunity Pathways Fund that is 100% focused on social equity and involves community participation in the grantmaking process.

  • Support 25% affordable housing in the enitre Diridon Station Area - a level not achieved before in a private project in San José.

  • Invest in over 5 miles of new walking and bike paths

  • Build 15 acres of parks, plazas, and green spaces, and provide year-round free programming.

  • Preserve historic resources

  • Deliver over 4.25 acres of enhanced riparian habitat

  • Incorporate state-of-the-art district systems, supporting climate action and resiliency

  • Incorporate up to 500,000 square feet of new retail, culture, arts, education and other non-active uses on the ground floor

  • Generate over 5,700 construction jobs and over 25,000 permanent jobs on site.

To learn more about the project’s commitments, read Downtown West’s Social Infrastructure Plan.

What is the Downtown West Social Infrastructure Plan?

The Social Infrastructure Plan outlines how Downtown West is fulfilling our shared goals and breaking new ground with physical, ecological and social contributions to downtown. It also describes how we’re helping foster an inclusive, welcoming place that creates new opportunities for San José residents.  We put together this social infrastructure plan to highlight how the public benefits are memorialized in the Development Agreement and how we’ve incorporated our work together so far.

How much affordable housing is in the Downtown West plan?

Affordable housing is an important part of a balanced, inclusive community. We’re excited to help the City reach its goal of 25% affordable housing in the broader Diridon Station Area by providing a combination of land dedication, and commercial linkage and inclusionary housing in-lieu fees, and by building affordable units amongst the market-rate housing. Affordable units would range from low, very low, or extremely low-income up to moderate-income. More details about affordable housing commitments can be found in our Social Infrastructure Plan.

Will there be parks and open spaces for the community to use?

Downtown West will deliver 15 acres of new publicly-accessible  parks, plazas, and open spaces and add about a half-mile of trail that will enhance access to nature along Los Gatos Creek. 

Of the 15 acres, Downtown West will fully build and dedicate to the City 4.8 acres of parks and trails. Downtown West will build, maintain, and operate  an additional 10.2 acres of privately owned,  publicly accessible open space, activated with events the community can enjoy for free year-round.

What’s going to happen to historic resources such as the "Dancing Pig" sign (Stephen’s Meat Products) and Poor House Bistro?

Preserving assets like the "Dancing Pig" sign is part of how we can help ensure San José’s history is celebrated in future generations. We supported the community’s efforts to preserve the iconic Stephen’s Meat Products sign and it will remain part of the neighborhood near its existing location. We also worked closely with Poor House Bistro and will support its relocation to a new site in Little Italy San José.

Downtown West will also preserve several historic buildings on-site, including the landmark San José Water Company building and historic portions of the Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry, dedicating these to public-facing community uses.

Will there be public parking?

Parking will be distributed throughout Downtown West and available to the public. Google worked closely with the City on a forward-looking vision for transportation in this area, including the project’s parking program.

Up to 7,160 parking spaces are planned, of which up to 4,800 would be public, and 2,360 would be for residential uses. There will also be ample parking for bicycles, scooters, and other personal modes of transportation.

Where can I find a copy of the project application and development agreement?

Visit the City’s Downtown West project website at sanjoseca.gov/googleproject to find the Downtown West application materials, the Development Agreement, and information on upcoming public meetings.

Where can I send Google my comments and questions?

Email us anytime at downtownwest@google.com. Please note we receive a high number of emails on a daily basis and it may take us three to five business days to respond to your message.