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After engaging with thousands of locals, we’ve heard many great questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequent ones we get. 

Your most common questions, answered

Why is Google looking to expand to downtown San José?

The Diridon Station Area offers a prime opportunity for Google to move away from a car-focused, suburban campus model to an urban, transit-oriented site for our long-term growth.

What does Google aim to develop?

In alignment with the City and community’s vision for the Diridon Station Area, we aim to develop 85 acres, including roughly 20 acres of city streets, into a vibrant, mixed-use urban destination next to a public transportation hub. Our preliminary land use plan proposes approximately 3,000-5,000 housing units, 5.5 million square feet of new office and 1 million square feet of existing office, 15 acres of parks, plazas and green space, and 500,000 square feet of retail, cultural, arts, education, hotel and other active uses.

When will Google start construction on its proposed project?

Approval for the project is a multi-step process, which includes city council approval. The San José City Council is expected to review and consider our project for approval in early 2021. If approved, we’d begin applying for building permits, and expect the project to be constructed in several phases over the next 10 years.

How is the project timeline being affected by COVID-19?

The City of San José is currently focusing on the emergency response to the coronavirus pandemic while continuing to provide essential services. This includes continuing with development review remotely. While they are reviewing our development application, city council consideration will be a few months later than originally intended - likely early 2021.

Is the housing in the proposed project for Google employees?

The housing we’re proposing will be available to the public.

How much affordable housing is included in Google's proposal?

We’re currently working on our housing analysis and how Google can best contribute to the City’s goal of 25 percent of the housing developed in the Diridon Station Area to be affordable.

How is Google responding to the region's housing needs including displacement?

Last year, we committed $1 billion to help accelerate the production of housing in the Bay Area, and Google.org committed $50 million to support organizations focused on issues of homelessness and displacement. The City is also working on the Diridon Housing Study as well as a citywide anti-displacement study.

When will I see building designs?

This summer we’ll be unveiling detailed Design Standards and Guidelines as part of our planning application. If the project is approved by City Council in 2021, these standards and guidelines will govern the look and feel of Downtown West and will be used by City staff to review specific building designs and heights when the permitting process begins.

How much parking is included and is it available to the public?

Up to 5,160 parking spaces for public and/or commercial and residential use are under review. The City is also conducting a parking study that will help determine the Diridon Station Area’s parking needs. Adjustments to the number are likely.

How will historic assets be protected?

We value and want to preserve the City’s historical landmarks, which is why we’re conducting a historic resources analysis as part of our design and environmental review processes. 

How will community benefits be addressed?

The process for determining community benefits is outlined in a December 2018 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and Google, and will be codified in the pending development agreement currently being negotiated. The MOU can be found on the City of San José’s project website.

What types of parks and open spaces are planned?

We’re currently studying the existing open spaces and will work with the community to understand their needs so we can propose successful parks and open spaces that are accessible to all San José residents. We’re considering spaces for active and passive recreation, ecological habitats, public gathering spaces, plazas, art installations and other suggestions from the public.

Where can I get a copy of Google’s application to the City?

We submitted our application on October 10, 2019 to the City under the project name "Downtown West Mixed Use Plan". The City of San José’s project page provides information on the proposal, review process, and public meetings on the project.

What types of jobs will Google bring to Downtown San Jose?

At Google’s current sites across the Bay Area, there are a variety of technical and non-technical jobs. This development will bring numerous short and long-term jobs into the area.

Where can I send Google my comments and questions?

You can reach us at downtownwest@google.com. Please note we receive a high number of emails on a daily basis that it may take us three to five business days to respond to your message.