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What does the North Bayshore Master Plan propose?

Building and expanding on the City’s North Bayshore Precise Plan, the Master Plan includes up to 7,000 housing units with 15% affordable, up to 26 acres of parks and open spaces, up to 3.1m square feet of office, and up to 290,000 square feet of retail, neighborhood serving amenities, community spaces, and other active uses.

Where can I find the Master Plan application?

The Master Plan application and related materials are available on the City’s North Bayshore project website.

How much affordable housing is proposed, and at what levels of affordability?

The Master Plan is proposing that 15% of the up to 7,000 housing units be affordable. Approximately 7 acres of Google-owned land within the Master Plan Area would be dedicated to the City for affordable housing. Per the City’s North Bayshore Precise Plan, these units will be below-market rate, with final AMI thresholds to be determined by the City.

How much open space will be available for public use?

The Master Plan includes up to 26 acres of publicly accessible parks and open spaces. Of these 26 acres, a minimum of 15 acres of Google-owned land will be permanently dedicated to the City of Mountain View for new public parks and open spaces.

How long will it take to build North Bayshore?

We anticipate the Master Plan development will be delivered in phases over the next 20-30 years.

What is Google’s relationship with Lendlease in North Bayshore?

Google is working with Lendlease on the master planning, placemaking, and entitlements for North Bayshore.

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Project Applicant: Google

Applicant Representative: Lendlease Silicon Valley Development LLC

Design + Consultant Team

Hassell: Master Planning + Urban Design

SITELAB urban studio: Master Planning

West 8: Parks + Open Space

SERA: Office Architect

SCB: Residential Architect

Second Nature: Ecology

H.T. Harvey & Associates: Ecology

Fehr & Peers: Transportation

Kier + Wright: Civil + Infrastructure

Sherwood: Stormwater + District Water

Integral: Sustainability + District Thermal

San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI): Ecology

ARUP: District Systems

Holms: Fire/Life Safety

Allen Matkins: Land Use + Entitlements

Coblentz: Land Use + Entitlements

EPS: Fiscal Impact Analysis