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What does the Middlefield Park Master Plan propose?

Building and expanding on the City’s East Whisman Precise Plan, the Middlefield Park Master Plan includes up to 1,900 housing units with the opportunity for 20% affordable at below-market rates, over 12 acres of parks and open spaces, up to 1.3M square feet of office, and up to 50,000 square feet of retail, food and beverage uses, community spaces, and other active uses.

Where can I find the Master Plan application?

The application and related materials are available on the City’s Middlefield Park project website.

How much affordable housing is proposed, and at what levels of affordability?

We are dedicating 2.4 acres of Google-owned land to the City to enable up to 20% affordable homes within the project. Per the City’s East Whisman Precise Plan, these homes must be affordable at a range of below-market rates that average 65 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). The exact mix of affordability levels will be determined by the City.

How much open space will be available for public use?

Middlefield Park includes over 12 acres of publicly accessible parks and open spaces throughout the project area. Of the 12+ acres, 7 acres  of Google-owned land will be permanently dedicated to the City of Mountain View for the new Maude Park, Bridge Park, and Gateway Park, and 2.5+ acres of public land adjacent to the VTA Middlefield light rail station will be developed as Ellis Park, a privately-owned publicly accessible (POPA) space that is freely open to the public during normal City park hours for the enjoyment of all. Additional greenways and paseos around the buildings will also be publicly accessible.

What is Google’s relationship with Lendlease?

Google is working with Lendlease on the master planning, placemaking and entitlements for Middlefield Park. Lendlease is a leading global real estate group that brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the developments. We look forward to delivering great places in Middlefield Park.


Project Applicant: Google

Applicant Representative: Lendlease

Design + Consultant Team

SERA Architects: Master Planning

Hassell: Urban Design

CMG: Landscape Design

Kristen Hall City Design: Planning

Sherwood: Civil + Infrastructure

H.T. Harvey & Associates: Ecology

San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI): Ecology

ARUP: Transportation + District Systems

Fehr & Peers: Transportation

EPS: Fiscal Impact Analysis

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